The world of bees #3 - Stretched canvas
Understanding Bees #3. Mixed Media
Understanding Bees
GPaz Ceramics - 3


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As an artist, I take my inspiration from Mother Nature; I like to create organic abstract pieces with the use of mixed media.  I let my audience use their imagination while they navigate through the strokes, the texture and the blend of colors to discover the unknown. I seek a better understanding of structures, systems and micro life in nature to increase consciousness of all the unseen beauty around us. Creation, constant changes, and chaos some times are represented in my pieces, evoking depth feelings that bring joy, drama and excitement.


Even though I use different materials and processes to create my pieces, the methodology in each of my series is consistent, focusing in the different layers overlapping and giving life to my work.  By expressing my feelings and my connection with nature in my paintings, my mind surfs through paths I’ve been before and through some that just exist in my dreams.