“Interfering Spaces” 2015, 22” x 28” Acrylic on Canvas

_A Spasso, RM_ 2018, 40_ x 30_ Acrylic on Canvas

_Lichfield Exploration_ 2018, 48_ x 70_ Acrylic on Canvas


“Nothing in Black and White” 2015, 40” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas




I was born and raised in Venezuela, in the city of Caracas. My University background is in  Science, but  since a young age I had a constant interest for drawing and painting. It is in Houston, in the Glassell School of Art, where I could finally fulfill my passion, and devote myself to the arts.


My paintings reflect the influence of geometry and intense colors chacteristic of the physical surroundings in my country of origin. Over there, the coesxistence of architectural structures, minimalist in lines and colors, with an exhuberant nature of bold colors, create a contrasting yuxtaposition between natural colors and human constructions.