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My name is Zeidy Alejandra Harris, I’m a native of Bogota Colombia. I have lived in the USA for the last 18 years. I’ve been studying art at The Glassell School of Arts continuously since 2011.

In my life making art is about been transferred to a world of shapes, colors, textures, lights and shadows were I get lost in time while putting all of these elements together like a complex puzzle until is finished, and then coming back to real time to see the results.

Each one of my paintings consist of a number of levels to build a relationship between the back and the foregrounds as well as all of the components in the layout to find the right balance.

During the research and production of a new piece, I find ideas that inspire me, and lead me to a new body of work.

When I paint I feel that I’m opening my soul to the viewer, sharing in a way my view and perception of the world.