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Angela Alvarado Corson grew up in Colombia. She has always had a passion for art, and was inspired by her mother, who was a singer and a very creative person who was always thinking outside the box.

After college, Angela moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in Pittsburgh, she realized what an important part art played in her life, and began attending workshops in drawing and painting from a variety of schools and instructors. In 2006, Angela moved to Houston, Texas, where she has continued developing her talents and seeking out worthwhile learning opportunities.

During her time as an artist she has progressed from charcoal drawings to oils and acrylics, and from small pieces to large scale murals. In fact, Angela is recognized in her community for having painted dozens of murals in local elementary schools as well as in quite a few homes. More recently she has discovered the magic of clay, and she thoroughly enjoys using this medium to express herself.