It is a planned and controlled combination of shapes  that when combined together create movement. This action is being  described as the main characteristic throughout my work. Gradually my art works begin to show organic forms, spreading  randomly and bursting into action on the canvas. But ultimately,  my paintings are the dialog between myself and the simplification in the creation of life itself as it is shown.  These variations of shapes when developed  together,  convey a visual  statement and a journey  in motion.  Consequently,  the viewers will interpret  the subject as being unique because of the effect it has  created within us from our own existence.  Initially, by  placing the forms onto the space of the canvas, it shows a structure throughout  a body of fluids that moves rapidly in different directions in the negative space. This relationship between the negative and positive space  when  combined together will create tension between them and  show movement throughout the whole composition. It is the beginning of life itself moving rapidly.

I have created a unique relationship between myself and the viewers,  by bringing  them into the creation of these forms  moving freely through a fluidly space on the canvas, by creating a personal statement that speaks about how  creation reflects within this process. Each of them creates life itself and shows  the endless  cycle of life. I am in the process of developing an awareness that life is a constant expanding  structure as it is shown in my works.