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Zulma Vega is a Colombian artist who has made Houston her home since 2012. She focuses her art practice on 2D painting using techniques such as mixed media, Fumage and collage, moving from oil to acrylic depending on the message she wants to convey. She is inspired by her experiences in life, her transformations, changes and the deep connections with her ancestors, family, love ones and the relationship amongst each other. She incorporates memories of colors and images that pop up on her mind from places she grew up in Latin America.

My work deals with the need of giving importance to the connection we have with those around us, with those that left us, and/or those that lived before us and contributed with their lives for us to be present, to be here. I begin by browsing family images, photographs that remind me of a special moment.  I plan every layer by reconstructing these images incorporating elements that strengthen this memory: organic shapes, colors, remembrance thoughts.  The work results in layers of these elements including geometrical shapes and abstract representation of love ones that come together in a complex yet rich visual environment.  These rich environments represent either my perception of this moment/person or the longing of how I would like it to be.  I seek through this process to have a personal transformation, to get to know me better through the visual studies of those that surround me, my family and ancestors.