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I discovered art at a young age in my native El Salvador. Painting plein air in the ravines of the San Salvador volcano under the tutelage of Violeta Bonilla, a mentee of Diego Rivera, fed my precocious curiosity about nature, people, and how we connect. I graduated from Rice University in Architecture/Art/Art History, BA’83, BArch’85, interned in NYC, San Francisco, and San Antonio, before settling in Houston, where I designed sustainable homes for 20 yrs. Exploring how we connect with the planet and how the built environment shapes our lives was integral to my practice, but art would give me the ultimate freedom to express the pressing need for us to live in better balance with each other and with the planet. I returned to my art in 2011, taking classes at the Glassell School of Art of the MFAH, and at Rice University under Professor Karin Broker. I’ve participated in many regional juried exhibits, including The Big Show, at  Lawndale Center for the Arts in Houston, 2018.


I became an accidental Hispanic and immigrant, the result of the civil war that uprooted me and separated my family; I am the diaspora, a contemporary Latina artist, and I paint from here- Houston Texas-, about there - my Maya ancestry, their vast intellectual patrimony which I carry in my DNA, and all that came before me that will beget the future. I speak in gestural terms about the space-time continuum, in primordial shapes and fluid backgrounds about the beginning of our planet, in abstract vocabulary about the DNA that unites us. My art is abstract expressionism with a source. 


At the heart of my 2D and 3D work are the themes of connectivity and coexistence: to each other, to humans past and future, and to the planet and universe. I use scale as volume of my artistic speech, color to assert the scientific data behind my theories, directional strokes to infuse life and spirit into my art. I use natural, non GMO pigments to bind the intent, mined graphite to draw from the earth, and harvested rain water to imprint my art with molecules that exist from the beginning of our planet. Abstracted and imaginary symbology based on ancient  Maya glyphs and numeric notation appear throughout my art. The colors of my ancestral waters chose me, the forms of our digital future intrigue me, the grays of our modern oceans of concrete pervade me.


My curiosity is only satiated by science, the ultimate decoder of nature. My art is inspired by new discoveries, and I invent abstract geometries and spaces to make bold connections to knowledge about the universe and ourselves. My art is personal, spiritual and philosophical. I chose the language and message of hope in my use of color and light, contrast and brightness. It is hope that brings me to my studio everyday,  that reflects the conceptual and personal freedom that this country has afforded me, and that gives me the  joy of making art that connects and elevates people.