I am a Houston based artist, originally from Mexico City. I moved to Houston almost 9 years ago

and started Glassell classes 7 years from now. In May 2018 I finished my Certificate in Painting,

which was something I really wanted to do instead of my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design by

the Universidad Iberoamericana. My work after finishing college was mainly as a Magazine editor

for “Casas y Gente” and later on as a Senior Designer in two different firms of Architects who

develop Corporate offices.


Previously to Glassell I participated in painting workshops in my country throughout my life, my

main body of work is, mostly represented in oil on canvas in different formats, many times

substituted by pencil, charcoal drawing and sculpture that can be the figurative respond to life


A glimpse, something you see in 15 seconds. Life has become a glimpse of everything. You can catch just the essence of an object, a place, a feeling, a sensation in just that minuscule section of your observation. 

My work is about those quick impressions where I can hold on to a part of that instant in my daily life. 


The result in each of my pieces, are images that can make you travel, through your own personal thoughts, memories and feelings, going back and forth from the light to the dark areas keeping, the bright and dull atmosphere, knowing that there is nothing you can find, but your own thoughts, who will emerge out of it.


A mixture of your own perception, your story and prelearned images altogether in a final image different for every single person that looks to my work, and will make you question yourself.