El buen Juez por su casa a empieza, 21

Untitled #39, 2019, acrylic and collage

Untitled #27, 2019, acrylic and collage

Untitled #45, 2019, acrylic and collage

When the time stops. 2018


My works are an exploration of color, rhythm, and a sense of humor. I work in collage and painting, often using hand-dyed canvas as the backdrop for developing color relationships, with painted paper placed over their surfaces. I am interested in painting as an exploration of solitude and intimacy. I renounce control with my Today’s Sketches, leaving small collages across the city in a gesture of giving a gift to unnoticed places. I want to awaken the curiosity that can be caused by finding a work of art when you don’t expect to. Sometimes we don’t see things that are immediately in front of us; small thoughts or gestures might make the unseen visible, giving it value, adding surprise to daily life. Placing my works in the world, I always have this idea that we are building something on the surfaces and ideas we find already built. In a series of previous work, I looked at traditional Argentine proverbs, to think about quotidian words of advice through humor. For me, this work is also about honoring what has come before. Color is especially important. My work is a personal reaction to color. I respond to color, absorb it, remember it. It is instant, immediate, intimate. I think I have color in my mind all the time, perhaps something I learned during my years in the Caribbean. This relationship to color from the island is also about the present, about emotion, and about not knowing the future.



-  Silvina Hecker, Houston, TX